Mondial Exports

Mondial Exports

Deformed Reinforcing Bars (DEBARS) Ex-Turkey/India/China

Deformed High Tensile Reinforcing Bars are widely used in the construction of concrete structures and High rise towers. This is manufactured by treating the Steel bars at the time of rolling itself by processes like – Tempcore / Thermex , etc. which does the external case hardening which gives extra tensile strength and while keeping the internal core soft, and the rib pattern ensures, good bonding with cement. We supply Deformed Reinforcing bars from Turkey, because Turkey is a specialized manufacturer of Debars all over the world. We can supply as per ASTM Standards & BS 4449 Standards in containers to our African & Caribbean markets, so that our buyers do not have to stock large quantities. This also eliminates the requirement of Break bulk shipment, and thus the customers benefit because of low inventories, and regular stocks.


    • We stuff 11.8 meter long Rebars with a U-fold inside 20’ FCL, up to 16mm.
    • We stuff 5.8 meter long Rebars in all sizes inside 20’ FCL.
    • We can also supply 11.8 meters without a U Fold in 40’ FCL


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